The Gentleman's Guide

I. Selection

Regardless of whether you wish to spend $2500 or $25,000 it is important that you establish
a suitable budget before going about choosing a ring from our in store collections or using our
custom design service.  Guys, we are dedicated to ensuring you receive the very best your dollar
can buy, while providing you with our unbeatable service. 
We are working for you.

II. Budget

So most likely your partner has dropped a hint or two as to what kind of ring she would love you
to slip on her finger one day.  Maybe she has shown you a design online or subtly left a magazine
open on a page that features an engagement ring!  Any of this is helpful when going about
selecting a ring for her.

Not to worry if you don't have much to go on, we are experienced in helping you
select adesign that is timeless and beautiful as well as unique,something she will adore.

We love to share our knowledge of diamonds and can guide you   in the
explanation of the four 'c's of diamond grading. 

All diamonds that we stock and source are 100% conflict free.

III. Proposal

Easily up there as one of the most romantic moments in a woman's memory, the proposal
should not be taken lightly!  Thought given to the time, place and delivery can leave a lasting
glow so guys ensure you give the occasion significant thought and planning. 

Keep calm, down on one knee, gaze lovingly and you can't go wrong!


Friendly and knowledgeable when it comes to what the women in our lives like, they have made hard decisions easier and all at a great price.

Tim Coopey

Dear Julie, Alexandra and the team,

I would like to take the opportunity to say a huge “Thank You” to you all for the wonderful service you give at Hammon Jewellers in Tauranga.

I can still remember when I first moved to Tauranga and wanting to find a good local Jewellers for myself and family.

I walked into your beautiful inviting shop and met Julie my own name sake. What a delight you are Julie. You said, well you have come to the right place, having been a family business for some 60 years.

Since then some three years ago I have had three rings re-designed and made.

Julie, you have spent a lot of time with me discussing the design and making sure the end results were to my full satisfaction and all turned out to be a huge delight. Just perfect.

Also having purchased items for family and friends. I have found you Alexandra to be a delight and a great asset to the business.

I look forward to doing future business with you, especially when I get the nod from my lovely generous husband to go visit Hammon Jewellers.

Best wishes always

Julie Ann Rogers.

Due to the professional & fabulous service given by Julie & her team I had a great time designing my new ring!  I’m overjoyed with the result, it will give me years of pleasure.

Sue Thame

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We personally guarantee everything we sell and are
immensely proud of our 70 
year history in the jewellery industry