The brands we select to best reflect current trends in jewellery and watches are carefully considered before we present them in our store.

We value highly our established relationships within our trade and share with these companies the philosophy of customers first. What we offer here in downtown Tauranga is absolutely current with international cities.


We love how Swarovski creates a world of refined glamour, their brand essence celebrating ‘The extraordinary every day’.

Karen Walker

Karen Walker Jewellery’s edgy yet feminine designs have earned her a devoted legion of admirers, us amongst them!

Michel Herbelin

In watches we present Michel Herbelin, known for classic refinement and with a proud tradition of Swiss Watch Making.


As a premium Seiko Dealer, we give you access to a wide selection of specialist sports and elegant dress models from one of the world’s most established and reliable brands.

Pearl Perfection
Dora International

Dora International is a global wedding band manufacturer, a dominant force in Europe & Australia Dora is emerging as a styling trend setter & a market leader in the USA.